Thursday, November 19, 2015

Standard or Narrow Gauge?

Today I finally did some work worthy of blogging about on #2.  I cut the outside frames to length.  For a long time I have been staring at the pedestals from Eaton as well as the ones on the SBT.  Do I want a locomotive shaped locomotive or a railcar shaped locomotive?  Well after months of thinking and pondering I am going with railcar shape.
 The next question is do I want to model a narrow gauge car or a standard gauge railcar?  The photo above is a mockup with the end of a boxcar next to #2.  As these trucks will be used for the riding car with the brakes this is how they will be coupled most of the time.   Below is #2 next to one of the tank cars.  The tank is 40 inches in diameter.  Number 2 would be ten feet in length, half of the length above.   After looking at a number of options online for both 30" and standard gauge cars I have my choice.
 I am going standard gauge.
Why?  Well I am designing this to be a workhorse loco for switching at white creek, those cars are standard gauge.  Also I do not want a very tall car, and Nancy is asking for a boxcar.  Well she wants a dynamite car, which would be narrow gauge, but to compromise it will be a boxcar.   This NYC&HRRR car is going to be the basis of my design decisions.   It will be to 1.6" scale like the coal car, and riding car trucks are.

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