Friday, November 06, 2015

Spending money

I have started on loco 2

Ordered wheels, axles, and jackshaft from Mr. Motion... less than two week turnaround
Ordered 2 500 watt motors off of ebay... today.

Next is deciding the ratio for the chains.  Robb is running with a 7.4mph max, and has great pulling power, those that know on the Facebook Large Scale Railroaders Builders Group recommend gearing for a low top speed and running the motor at max RPM as much as possible.  There was a recommendation for an even lower top speed.  I think a 6 to 7 mph max is good for White Creek, that is what I find others and myself maxing out at, passenger trains stay on time at 5 mph.  So I could go a little slower, I will talk it over with Nancy and Robb over the weekend and order next week.

The last important area is the pedistals and journals.  I have eight sets here from Eaton, they are supposed to be for the spiral wheel cars behind the SBT.  I could always order more as I think the spiral wheels will take quite a while to finish.

The loco will be about 30 inches long, use the PaceSetter center off board I bought last winter, the two large batteries, and I do not know yet if it will be a freight car or locomotive shape... leaning towards a gondola because of the lower height.  For carrying in the van I will need to park it on the riding car.

The riding car will be 4 foot long, with the Tom Bee brake trucks Nancy bought this summer.  I will put a box on the back for the air compressor, and have it in such a way that the loco will park on top.  Cheaper than the trailer.

As for the coal car, I have most of the parts done, except the brake details on the top side, I am hoping to have the KD brake details made by Kevin Sprayberry and 3D printed.  Looking at what we can travel with currently I can only take the car when the family does not travel... until we buy a trailer.  I am holding off on the trailer until we have a better place to park it.

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