Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Too Busy Running

The loco has over 300 miles on it now.  Tim pointed out at White Creek last weekend that they are inflated since my odometer is on a power axle, prone to slipping.

The loco has been to a track 31 times since last April.  Heston, White Creek, ILS, IMLS, Mill Creek, EJ&K, Drent, CSX Valley Division.

July 23- 25 White Creek op session with a tent.  Anna went with me to White Creek also, the first day she slept in the tent, the second day in a gondola.  Well OK she did help with some switching but not much. The good news as we left I asked if she would return and she said yes.  I gave her the bead I made at corning also.

 We switched twice on Thursday, and ran once as a passenger train.  Then after dinner Robb came out and we switched some more.  Friday we switched twice more with Jerry, Will and Jonah.  Anna and I switched two cars after dinner as a pair, she instructed me how to go.  Saturday Lauren and Robb came with their engine and we double headed for two switch runs.

 The best time of Saturday, I was laying down in the gondola and Robb passed me at speed with a six car train.  I felt like I was in the train, not on it or watching it.  It still makes me happy even though it was only a few seconds long event.  Robb was trying to make speed to get up a hill, within 150 feet he was stalled and told me he was still at full throttle.  I coupled onto the back and we got up the hill at 1-2 mph.  His controller limits his amps in order to not burn out the motors.  I think his motors are undersized for the weight of his locomotive.
Here is a MU set of Plum Cove boxcabs pulling one of seven timed passenger trains running interference while we switched.

And because I did not post in June...
 I made four boxes for under boat seats.  All have storage.  The yellow and red pair are mine, with dark grey seats.  The other pair, painted light blue, are Robb's with his light grey seats.  We gave Robb his when we dropped off the girls in Michigan for two weeks July 12.

That same weekend I bought a metal railcar, a four foot long coal car.  It needs to be painted, Nancy is asking for Chessie, I would like NYC.  First I want to add some brake details.  Most likely it is a Bob Snipe car, or a copy of one.  White Creek has a lot of similar cars in their collection.

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