Sunday, May 03, 2015

Upstairs, cleanup, and tanks

The SBT and support paraphanalia has been brought upstairs.  I should have taken a picture, this time we made a stretcher with two stud length 2x4s and cross braces.  Nancy said of all the times getting the machine up or down stairs this worked the best.
 I also brought up the batteries, couplers, chains, and all the other stuff.   This has given room to take down the table Nancy found on the side of the road.  It fits well in the space.
 The next task was mounting the tanks to the flats.   I drilled a 3/8th hole through the center sill and flat.  Then lined it up with the tank and drilled through to the wood brace inside.

 The bolts are 7 inches long since the wood is in the center of the tank.  One tank I got three inches of purchase, the other I only got one.
 It took some work to get the bolts in.  I used a ratchet with a cheater bar, strapping the tanks to the table.  It works well.

Next I attached the wheels, axles, and bearings.  Used red locktite to fix everything.  A good fit on the axles made it easy to align everything.  One tank I set on the dirty laundry, the other are in the old tank cradles.  Kudos to Mr-motion for his skill in turning the axles.

What these cars do not have but should is chain mounts.  For now I will use links instead of couplers.  I also want to add a bit of weathering.

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