Friday, May 01, 2015

More Electrical

Tonight I screwed the electrical boards to the frame.  I also hooked up some more of the wiring.  I hit a roadblock with the ammeter.  I forgot which wire is which and had to do some research to figure it out.  I now know.  I wish I could see both + and - amps but the meter only goes one direction.

Hook up ammeter
Hook up speedometer
Hook up radio control wires to terminals so I don't get an unexpected short
Hook up horn
Make tether throttle
Make tether plug
test run
In other news I picked up the batteries from the table and there was liquid under them.   I dried them off and placed them in a dry spot and will check in the morning.  They were producing 24.3 V but I think one of the four cells is leaking.  

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