Sunday, May 17, 2015

getting ready

Tuesday night I am leaving for an ops session in Michigan.  Robb should have his loco up and running.  Three days of wayfreight operations on a 1/8th in scale railroad.

Yesterday and today I shuffled stuff around the garage to get ready.   I also added some spills to the two little tankers and made a 4 inch drawbar for in between them.  

Some time was also spent thinking about loco 2.  Something that will run with the tugger.  And I will say Robb's suggestion is right, make it work with the SBT.  So It will be a SBT style powered flat car (more flatcar than loco in style.)  Only one source of power, onboard batteries.  It will be also be able to be a T style riding car, but only about 24 inches long, wheels pretty close to the corners.  This would be in 1/4 scale to go with the SBT.  Then to go with the tugger a topper in the shape of a boxcar would be set in place.

I also want a couple plain flat cars 24 inches long to ride with the SBT.

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