Saturday, May 02, 2015

Electrical Testing

 If I could I would say that I am done wiring the SBT.  Truth is... nope.
 My onboard system goes 1.5 mph in forward, and is stopped in reverse.  I think I can fix this by modifying the settings on the board, if not I need to redo the resistor at the control.

The horn does not go beep beep beep... it just goes chir.... I think this is because the batteries are at 25.3V and it maxes out at 24.  It does work on a 9 volt battery.

The radio bypass 5k resistor is connected to the wrong terminals.  I will hook to the black and red wire instead of the red and green.

I need to make the tether throttle.  The handheld I bought off ebay has not arrived yet so I need to use a temporary box.
So some time has passed since the above.  I made the tether throttle.  Tested it all before soldering it up using alligator clip leads.  Speed and direction work fine.  But the horn... it makes the unit go about 3mph faster rather than nothing as it should since I used blue and brown wires and plan to hook up a second 9V battery.  The brown is capped right now.   AHHHHHHHH.   Opening up the case there is a short between the blue and white wire.  Fixed it and the horn now does nothing as it should.   Discovered another fact while hooking up the 9V... polarity maters to the speaker.  Well the horn works now, it will be rewired when the radio control is installed.

The last step is to see if I can fix the speed without changing the resistor.  I have the instructions in my hand....   The best I can get is 3.8mph forward starting at 5 degree rotation and 2 mph reverse starting at 25 degree rotation.   With the teather both forward and reverse top out at 11.8Mph.   Might want to put a small resister in there...

Radio bypass 5K - fixed
Tether box - completed
Horn - fixed
Speed adjustments -   operational

Next steps.  Temporary tether plug for those times I don't use the tether and bring it all up stairs.
Tomorrow I put together the tank cars.

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