Saturday, March 07, 2015

Rub the belly

When I see the storage battery truck like this I think of little grey rolling on his back so I can rub his belly.
I started work on the SBT again this afternoon.  I had stopped a while back when I ruined 3 drill bits trying to drill through some bondo.  I used the same hole, just opening up the back side with the dremel and a die grinder bit, that let the bondo flake away and I could finish installing the mudflaps.  I was working on the machine upright, but one of the rivets would not catch.  So I turned it over to see what was going on easier.  Too many thicknesses of metal, I changed rivet sizes to 1/8th inch and it worked fine.  Next I installed the drive axles to check clearance to the mudflaps.  This was the reminder that I failed to purchase a nibbling tool... yet.   Nancy ordered one off ebay today.  

Also ordered today is the wheels, axles and bearings for the two tank cars.  The wheels and axles are coming from bearings are ebay.  

This mornings task was working on the flatcar boards for the tanks.  Dialing in the height of the blades and learning how to get consistently good work.  I was having trouble that the way I was pushing the boards I was making a taper.  With practice, and lighter cuts I was able to remove the taper and make all the boards consistently 11 to 13 mm thick.  Yes a bit of a range there... but I can deal.  For the math nerds that is 1-3/4 thick scale boards... scale 2x6 boards.  

I am waiting to work on the tankers until my axles come.
I am waiting on the SBT until the nibbler comes.

Next job is to make a stand for the table saw and jointer.

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