Tuesday, December 23, 2014

right angle tool

So today Nancy and I went around to Sears and Lowes and some other stores buying stuff.  Got a large vice grips, and a dremel right angle tool.  That tool was well worth it.  I was able to drill holes in seconds that were taking minutes.  That was until I tried to drill through some bondo, ground down the tip of two brand new drill bits to uselessness.  Maybe it was three.

Today I also formed and installed another new mudflap.  Pondering if I should replace another.  The only issue is the one in place now is short, I have to run a rivet through the folded over lip of the electronics tray and some bondo, By making a new longer mud flap i can go through just one layer of metal.

I also drilled and ground out a path for the headlight wires.  This little 90 degree head is well worth the price.  And Nancy is great to help me get a 10 dollar discount on the tool.

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