Monday, December 22, 2014

installing rivets

Saturday I installed my first rivet, two actually.  It was a challenge since the gun I had was not meant for such a small shank.  Sunday I bought a new rivet gun that would work for small rivets.  I installed 9 rivets so far but now my drill bit is dull and not drilling through the mudflap flashing.

As expected, complaining about something on the internet fixed it.  Along with drilling out the other rivets on the part, drilling it with a backer board, and reinstalling it.

The last mud flap I choose to make a new one, the old one was the first one made and did not have enough material to attach to center tray.  New one fits great.  But it will still be a challenge to drill the holes and mount.  Wish I had a right angle drill that was small.... er... google says dremel sells one... and that Lowes has them in stock.  It is time for a tool run.

The girls and I did a run.  Well it was cheaper at Home Depot, but non in stock.  So a generic version was purchased from Menards.  Reviews of the Milescraft is 3.5 stars, dremel is 4.5 stars.

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