Sunday, December 07, 2014

electrical work

This weekend I sorted my wire by size, this jumble of three boxes of wires was just that a jumble of store bought and rescued from past projects.  I was looking for enough 18 -22 gauge to wire up the SBT.  I found 20 feet of 4 conductor 18 gauge that will work perfectly.

I also looked for and found a momentary switch for the enable test button in my collection.  What I do not have is shrink tubing.   Also before I wire it up I should mount the mud flaps.  I do not have rivets for this thin of metal.

I did drill the hole for running the headlight wires back to the center box where it will hook up to Robb's new control box he is working on.

Next task is to drill the hole for the enable test switch.  That will be fun since my drill is longer than area I have to fit in.

The electrical plan has been drawn up many times.  The three speed wires and one of the direction wires is going to a 4 pole three position switch mounted under the side of the machine.  This switch will decide between onboard, teather, and radio control.  Onboard and teather are going to be simple systems, speed and direction only.  The radio control will also have the complexity of headlight, horn, voltmeter, amp meter, and speedometer.  Though I am going to hide my current odometer inside the machine.  

There is a risk of someone changing control source to onboard and having the machine take off.  It is not supposed to do that per the design of the control board but it has happened this summer with the current setup, hence our use of the enable test button.  Not sure if  I can find a robust system to drop out the enable when the control is changed but not when the machine is jolted around.

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