Friday, August 08, 2014


To fit the five of us, our luggage, the gon, the tugger, the flat, and of course the Jeffrey Storage Battery Truck in the van takes some work.

The SBT goes into the gon, with support stuff stuffed around.

The flat is turned over and put on top.  These three are rolled into the van where the middle two seats go.  To protect the floor there is a plywood with 1x2 rails.  This is strapped down to the seat mounting pegs.  Hopefully we do not get into an accident, as that is a heavy load.

The kids get the third seat.  Yes it is a challenge having them all so close to each other and so far away from us.  Good thing I have a pretty convincing stare.  And I put the computer / DVD player on the railcars, sound over the stereo system and they can watch a movie.  Quite a treat for our normally DVD free van.

In the trunk area are two batteries, the battery cover and of course the tugger.  We skipped the suitcases and packed the clothes around the tugger in ebags packing cubes.  (advice to anyone that travels with family, buy one pattern of ebags cube for each person, it is easy to find each person's stuff.)  I do wish the batteries were either centered or farther forward in the van, but I do not have a good, safe, place for them.

 Oh I should mention that the best way I found to wedge the car to limit rolling is to place wedges between the wheels.  I did 3 of the 4 truck points.
In a few years, as the kids grow I can see us transitioning to the more traditional trailer for trains.  But for now, with the small van, and small kids, this works.

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