Sunday, August 03, 2014

Straps, ammeter, and mudflaps

To keep the big batteries attached to the top I screwed four velcro straps to the wood.  
 Then because the ammeter stopped working while the SBT was in Michigan I bought a new ammeter and installed it.  This on is only 0-30v the old one was 100V max.
 Then Nancy did not like some varnish drip marks on the top.  So she sanded it.
 Stained it.
 Stained it again.
 And again.
 She will start varnishing tonight after 8 hours of dry time.
While she was fixing the top I decided that I should install mud flaps.  This is good as steamers drop oil and water, if it gets kicked up and onto the control board I will be in trouble.  I suppose this will help if I run during or after a rain, or a sprinkler, hose, or spilled drink.

While the flaps are steal they are held in place with duck tape.  I will have to remember to bring more in case I need to do a field repair.

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