Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I let Robb use the train for a while.  Jeff had brought it to Michigan after the IMLS spring meet, Robb installed two different radio control systems.  The first one worked great for him at White Creek, the second a RCS system was not working that great when I took the train back when I was in Michigan The first week of July.  After avoiding the machine for a while after a bad derail at ILS there was some work to do.  Nancy is touching up the paint , I fixed the warped top and removed the pendant throttle with a cut wire that was causing unexpected full accelerations.

Some other things to do:
Make a new holder for control lever that is more firm
Make an emergency switch, a magnetic release or something
Make the second top.
Buy a new amp meter and rewire power source to be 5V from radio control
Make a crate to fit over the batteries.
Make some mudflaps from ice cream containers
Test the train this Saturday at IMLS
Make a crate that holds stuff and is attached to the flat car if Nancy wants a boat seat along
Pack for the trip to Coshoctan that starts in 23 days.
Put milk container washers on flat car trucks.

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