Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trucks and Couplers

Today I made a second set of trucks.  Nancy took pictures while I worked.

I bent the trucks the same way Nelson does at

 A template bar is used to drill the holes in the shorter arches.  Note that the top and bottom arches have the same offset.  Also I used all 1/2x1/8th hot rolled steel.  Nelson uses 3 different thicknesses.

 Deburr everything.
 Then to drill the outer holes on the middle arch bolt the two parts together and clamp the outer edge, then use the top arch as a drilling template.
 The idea for the springs / side frame / bolster interface came from a picture of the trucks Plum Cove sells., while not prototypical it can be made in the shop with a saw and a drill.  The middle arches were drilled with the top arch used as a template, bolt the spring bolts in place and clamp the outer ends.
 The journals are made from oak for R8 bearings.  I got the idea of using wood from Laurance Johnson, his CD's are forsale at

The end result of the day, two trucks less wheel sets.  Those are at my brothers house.  Anna posed the mannequin tightening one of the bolts, I wish I was that flexible.

After dinner I went back downstairs and made drawbars for between each piece of rolling stock, no pictures, Nancy was putting the kids to bed.

I think other than loading the vehicle all I have left to do is charge the small batteries and mount the large ones on the auxiliary top.

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