Monday, May 05, 2014

First Arch

Today I made the jig for bending the arches, as well as bent the first arch.

First I cut off a section of 3"x1/2" steel.  Sanding one side smooth as glass with a power sander.

 Then I scratched the horizontals and marked the hole positions with an awl.
 Then I checked them all with a calipers to see if the mirrored points were equadistant.  Only one hole in the lower right was out of position.  After checking I deepened the holes with a duller awl.  Then over to the drill press.  First i used a small center drill to mark each hole, then a larger center drill.
 Finally I used a 1/4" drill bit to drill all six holes.
 The pins are 1/4" rod.
 I then made the clamping bar.  The first arch was cut to length and drilled with the large clamping bar made yesterday.  Then I assembled it on the jig.
 I first tried to bend it with a vice grips, that did not work.  I made a bending bar like nelson locomotive works suggested.  It works best to have the bender as close as possible to the pin.  I will be making a second short clamping bar to make that easier.
Last was back to the drill press with the long bar to drill the 4 outer holes.   One arch completed.  Eight this size and 4 large ones per car means 23 more to go.

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