Monday, May 26, 2014

28 hours of trains

Robb and I took two days off work to play.
 We went to White Creek with my train and ran with Jerry all day Thursday, starting at 9 am until about 5pm.  Robb, Jerry and I traded off doing the different jobs.
Conductor, Engineer, and brakeman.  We rode around the layout setting out cars at industries and picking up cars at other industries.  This one shown here is Samson Manufacturing.  We went out four times on Thursday, and Jerry and I went out three times on Friday, Robb joined a different crew for his three runs.
We start out with 5 cars from the yard, each with a card listing which industry in which town to deliver to.
 We plan our route, dropping and picking up as we go.
 Some are easy trailing point others require runaround moves, using gravity, and in one case a flying switch.
 The sections of the railroad between towns are single track.  To enter one the engineer requests permission from a track side control stand.  This turns the signal red at the other end eliminating cornfield meets.
 There were up to 15 freight trains, 4 passenger trains, and two yard crews working the railroad.  The freights needed to make sure they were clear of the passenger trains which ran on a time table every hour.  It was a blast.

What did my little train do?  Well it is not strong enough to pull a five car freight.  But it could pull some passenger cars.  On Saturday, while I helped out in the yard Robb ran three different passenger train runs.  I ran with him on the last one.  It is quite a challenge making sure to go the correct route, obtaining and releasing signals, and keeping on time.
Those two passenger cars were quite a challenge for our train.  They have bronze bushings, not roller bearings, so they are hard to pull.  I am glad to see that the loco kept up, even as the voltage dropped and the amps climbed towards the end of our time there.  I will do a second post about running our train.

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Anonymous said...

It was a blast doing "work" on the White Creek RR. I have been riding 7 1/2" gauge trains for a long time but running on the White Creek has to be the best so far. With the bidirectional running and many routs to choose from.
Thanks Ryan for letting me play trains with you for a few days.