Saturday, April 12, 2014

utility gon and paint

I tried to make the most of the day.  I am traveling next week, then I am home for 9 days and then I am traveling for another 5.  That cuts down the time to finish not only the storage battery truck but also the riding cars in time for Hesston and White Creek.

Today I got all the woodwork finished on the utility gon.

 The car is 16 foot long with 4 foot high sides.
 It will get archbar trucks under it.

I also bolted on a few parts to the frame of the storage battery truck.  The end step brackets, and the pedestals.  I wanted the screws for those components painted the same color as the body.

Lastly I cut the top that will be used with the large batteries.  Including countersinking for the hitch pin heads and making straps that will hold it to the body.

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