Saturday, April 05, 2014

Utility flat Center Sills & My arms hurt

This morning I cut the utility flat center sills.  Not that big of a task but I forgot to check for the factory end of the tube.  They shear cut it, which deforms the end.  Sure enough I had not removed it.  I took my little propane heater and warmed the area up, then set a block on it and beat it into the correct shape.  Was not that hard at all.  I then drew up the axles for Robb to make and emailed them off to him.

I also set up to cut the floors for the other two utility cars.  One will be a gon for Jonathan to ride in.  The other I don't know.  Then I dressed the manequinns.  And since the battery in my circular saw needed to be charged I added some more racks for small steel to the steel rack.

Then I saw the start at the control lever.  I figured with nothing better to do I would try to cut the slots for the bike cable barrel.  That went so well I started to file and smooth out the body of the lever.  After several hours for filing, and sanding with 100, 200, and 360 grit sandpaper the thing looks pretty good.  Nancy says it is as good as what I would get from shapeways.

It is now time to take some advil and go sleep.  My arms hurt from all that repetitive motion.

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