Friday, April 11, 2014

Paint and utility gon

Today I helped Nancy turn the storage battery truck end for end in the morning.  And I did it again when I got home from work.

I also picked up 4 welded frames from Samson's as well as the parts for making trucks.

I then sanded the 4 frames and wiped them down with paint thinner to clean them up for paint.  Nancy sprayed them with self etching primer.  She likes Duracoat better than Rustoleum.  The second one sputtered and left droplets.

Then after looking at the garden and pulling down one of the retaining walls that was rotting I went in the basement and started on the utility gon.  Made good progress, I have the bottom and 4 sides glued together.  Tomorrow I can add the detail parts to the outside.

 The parts hanging in the garage.  Each on their own paperclip.

 Because the frames are all the same length I shortened the floor of the car by the thickness of the plywood ends so that the coupler pocket will stick out the same on all cars.
 The sides and ends are 12 inches tall, hanging down 1-3/4" same as the utility flat.  While I used wood glue on the flat cars I used gorrila glue on the gon.
 I have the option of adding the top bracing to the top, covering the grain of the plywood, or to the side and use wood putty etc to hide the plywood edge.
I think i will use wood to cap the top.

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