Saturday, April 19, 2014

Paint and Utility Cars

While I was gone for 5 days Nancy painted, sanded, repainted, touched up, painted, and painted the storage battery truck and parts of the utility cars.

Today after a few coats of gold on the lettering she started to clear coat the truck.  The clear coat helps it look great.

I on the other hand went to scratching up the paint on the utility cars.

First I made a drill press extension so that the  frame would be perpendicular to the drill press spindle.

Next I drilled holes for all the couplers at 1-3/4" from the frame ends.  I checked these for square and they were spot on.

I then set up and drilled all the truck kingpin holes first with a center drill, then at 9/32" diameter and last at 1/2" diameter.  Checking after the first one for squareness showed I was spot on.  Same with the last hole and one of the ones in the middle.

Last I came back and drilled 3 holes in each frame for holding the car to the frame.

Now with all 4 frames done I could turn my attention to the wood parts.

First Clean off a workspace
 Find a top, in this case Lillian's
 Turn it upside down
 Set the frame in place.  15mm hanging over each end
 Mark the coupler holes
 Mark the truck holes
 Mark the mounting holes
 Do it again at the other end
 drill the mounting holes
 remove the frame
 counterbore the truck kingpin holes and drill 1/8" pilot holes at the coupler holes
 start the coupler holes, turn the top over and finish them.
 Line it all up again
 add the  two cross beams
and we are done.

OK it is not done, the hardware needs to be obtained and installed.  The trucks need to be made.

One last thing happened today, but that is a surprise.

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