Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back to Work

Today I started the assembly of the storage battery truck.   If I ever make another loco I will know lots of things not to do.
First is do not make clearances so tight that paint makes things not fit.   
 The brass slides needed to be filed down inside and out before they went into place.  And again after wards.

 Don't tell Nancy but I scratched the paint in a few places.
 Once on the outside face.
 After getting the wheel assemblies in I realized that I wanted to make the 4 holes that hold the top in place larger.  I tried with a hand drill.  It just torqued out of my hand.  The good news it did not scratch the outside paint.
 I then set up a table at the drill press.
And because the drill press is not bolted to the floor I had to crank the drill press table up snug so that newtons laws would drill a hole instead of lifting the drill press.

After these photos were taken I started adding the electrical switches.  I have the On-Off and the circuit breaker in place.  The cable is run for the direction switch.  But I have to find myself a direction switch.  And mount the direction switch.

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