Friday, January 24, 2014

Welding and Cleanup

This week I took the Storage Battery Truck to Samson Manufacturing to have their assistance in welding the 3 trays and the safety chain mounts in place.  $130 of labor that I can not do myself.  

Now I am taking the time to clean up all the sharp corners.  Both with files and with grinding wheels in a dremel.  I think I will add some epoxy to the gaps to further help smooth things out.  This should take me the next few sessions.  

Install safety chain mounts
Install brake wheel to pot
Install throttle lever
Attach wood
Buy speedometer
Install speedometer
Weld in trays
Debur everything
Bondo gaps
Hook up the electronics
Find a headlight
Find a horn or bell system
Get and wire up auxiliary power
Velcro down batteries
Install speed limiter
Install charge port
Sandblast entire thing
Stain wood
Make trailing cars

I have also started thinking and working on some riding cars.  I have some 1-1/8th thick plywood 47 inches long.  I am going to make several simple flat cars and maybe a gondola and a caboose.  They will all have a Tom Bee style 1x2x1/8" rectangular tube with metal body bolsters.  The plan is to make Nelsons locomotive works style archbar trucks.

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