Saturday, January 04, 2014

Rounding Over

A few days ago was the first time I did something and did not take a picture or blog about it.  I used my new file to clean up the epoxy around the coupler pocket, it only took a few moments to do.

Today I cleaned up the battery trays, cutting off some of the excess metal and bent over the top inside edge the same way the electronics tray is.  Looking at the hammer marks on the trays I am trying to decide if I should get more metal and redo or stay with this set.  In five years what would I say... except for the center tray they are hidden, only visible when the top and batteries are removed.  

I also rounded the ends of the pedestal caps by hand with the bench grinder.  I used a plastic drill / bolt checker tool I had on hand to test how I was doing... it would have been nice if it was metal as the hot part was starting to melt the plastic if I did not wait to test.  The pedestal caps look good, it may not be prototypical but it looks good.

I also had a panic that I was going to place the controls at the wrong end of the machine so I took the time to look at all the pictures to confirm the controls and rivets are in the proper place.  I notices that a couple pictures showed a low slung chain between the axles on the control side.  If someone wanted to make a Jeffrey Storage Battery Truck with only one motor it is prototypical.

After lunch the task was mounting the circuit breaker.  The 7/16th hole was drilled out with a center drill through two layers of the electronics tray.  It was difficult because it was not held well and i used a two fluted center drill because that was the only drill I have the right diameter.  Second the rectangular hole for the on-off switch was slotted next to the circuit breaker with a Dremel and files.  Both these are tucked under the frame so they are not visible but easy to reach.    The on off switch will be set up so it is easier to turn off the machine than to turn it on.  

Round pedestal caps
Clean up battery trays
Install circuit breaker
Install charge port

Install on off switch
Buy a keyed switch?
Install safety chain mounts

Install brake wheel
Install throttle lever
Attach wood
Buy speedometer
Install speedometer
Weld in trays
Hook up the electronics
Find a headlight
Find a horn or bell system
Get and wire up auxiliary power
Velcro down batteries
Install speed limiter
Sandblast entire thing
Stain wood
Make trailing cars

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