Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Die Grinder and Another Dead Dremel

Today I figured out that the motor to shaft connection on my battery powered dremel is loose and bends when I change blades.  I can get it close to straight before turning it on but it is time to start saving up for a replacement.

I also borrowed an air powered die grinder from work, it made quick work of emptying my air compressor.  It also was good at making sharp slivers of metal, if which I managed to impale three of into my hands.  The third thing, and most important thing it was good at is removing metal for the brake potentiometer. I was able to remove 1/8th inch deep by 1 inch by 1 inch of steel from the bottom of my hole.  The die grinder left a pretty smooth finish unless I let it chatter.  Chatter was limited by holding the body of the die grinder against the side frame.  When I was done I cleaned up, deburred, and polished the area with a couple different dremel bits.  The pot now cleanly bolts in place, with room for the wires and battery inside the machine.  Next is to make the brake wheel to pot shaft connection.

The plan is to use the brake wheel and speed stick to control the machine.  Use the speed stick to set the direction, and then release the brakes to roll forward, less brakes equal faster train.  These controls will connect to a nine pin connector same as the hand held control, and eventually the radio control.  So only one of the three will be active at a time.

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