Monday, January 06, 2014

Dead Dremel

Today's challenge, beside record cold temperatures, is to finish grinding out the cavity for the brake potentiometer.  It is a challenge because the corded dremel has died.  The most likely cause is the motor brushes wearing out.  A new set are on order, due for Friday.

The workaround is to use the battery dremel.  Less than a half hour of cutting and 3 hour charge time per battery.  Good thing I have two.  

Time to look down the to do list and see if there is something else I can do:  

Install safety chain mountsInstall brake wheel
Install throttle lever
Attach wood
Buy speedometer
Install speedometer
Weld in trays
Hook up the electronics
Find a headlight
Find a horn or bell system
Get and wire up auxiliary power
Velcro down batteries
Install speed limiter
Install charge port
Sandblast entire thing
Stain wood
Make trailing cars

And I did none of them tonight.

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