Friday, September 27, 2013

With some help

Today I bent 3 of the 4 end foot board holders.   It took some help from guys at work.  We had an old bend tester for checking welds.  I was able to get it and have one of the guys at work cut it in half for me.  Another person helped me out by welding a bar onto my die for the arbor press.  I then cut two 45 degree angles and had two more guys help me remove the weld.  With another couple helping me carry the heavy thing it ended up with 6 coworkers helping me today.   


I also planned the last bracket, it is the one that holds the seat.  I worked backwards, measuring the mannequin and brake wheel position to figure out where the seat needed to be.  His arms are quite short.  Tomorrow I will bend that one and cut all of them to length.

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