Saturday, September 07, 2013

two steps forward, one tap back

Made some nice progress today.  Cut all the parts related to the journals and pedestals.  I started drilling and tapping the 1/4-20 holes in the pedestal spacer bar shown on the front edge of the toolchest.

On hole #3 of 4 for the first side I broke off the tap when 3/4" in.  I knew I was skirting trouble by tapping so deep.  I bought 1" bolts, and the pedestals are 5/16" deep.  Robb suggested I drill the backside wider so I only have to tap 5 threads deep.  I will do that after I get a new tap & a new handle.   I thought I was being smart buying a 60 piece set from Menards for $25.  The handle stripped out within the first few turns of the first hole.  I was using a vice grip from then on.  My bad, I got distracted and torqued sideways.

I lifted the frame onto the batteries to get a better sense of how it will look when complete.  Also purchased the wood for the end steps, seen in front of the O scale train.  The end steps is 1/2"x3" for a scale 2x10.  The deck will be twelve 1x3" for scale 3x10s.

In other news I mounted the bench grinder today on the table behind the arbor press.  I wanted it far away from the O scale railroad, don't need metal dust on that track or in the engine.  Drilling a 1/4" hole through that 1" plate with a hand drill took a long time.  I took lots of breaks while doing it.

And for a parting shop here is a photo of a journal - pedestal assembly.  Brass buttons will keep the springs in place, need to have Jeff or Robb (or use of a lathe) to machine those.  Also the journals are 3 parts screwed together, none of the holes are drilled on those yet.

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