Monday, September 02, 2013

This weekend I made and used a template for rivit hole placement in the 8 corners.  Then used a 3/16" transfer punch to mark, a spring punch to deepen the hole, a center drill to start the hole and then a 3/16" drill to through hole 40 holes in the corners of the 1/2" thick bar stock. This is slightly less than half the holes needed for rivits.

The weekend was not without problems.  I was drilling the centerdrill too deep and eventually broke it off in the hole, both ends of the 1/16" - 1/4" style one.  I was told that I had my drill speed too slow.  I maxed it out to 3200 RPM and used a 1/8th" centerdrill to start rest of the holes.  Then at the advice of the manual & chat I keep the speed high to drill my 3/16" holes.  Burned up two drill bits on the first two holes.  Good news is I was able to clean out the holes no stuck drill bits.  Using my last drill bit I tried lowering the speed to 1500, 1000, 750, then 500 RPM.  The last two worked well, drilled the last 35 holes at 500 RPM. 

I also set the control board in place, I have to cut the ears of the motor mounts so it will all fit.  I am so worried about getting something bad into the motor and ruining it.  I guess I could have increased the length of the machine an inch or two to have more room.  It all fits in CAD, it should fit in real life.  Also at Nancy's urging I have started estimating how much of the steel stock I will keep.  The supplier is willing to reshelf any I do not use, charging me only for what I keep.  Their advantage is not cutting, mine is not paying to cut.  I am going to wait to do more until the pedistals they are cutting for me arrive, do some things like go for a bike ride.  I did turn the garden compost pile and play a game of tag with the kids in the front yard after dinner.

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