Thursday, September 12, 2013

Measure 5 Times Drill 4

Today I started setting up for the hole in the end plate for the coupler pockets.  First time I measured wrong by just measuring from the left side - the width was not per print.  The next three times it was not getting much better.  I finally got it, centerdrilled and drilled the four 5/16" holes and set the part in place.  That is when noticed I had somehow flipped the part over, the top was the bottom, the bottom the top.  To fix it I just filed off my little T, made it a B and put a T on what was formally the bottom.  Now I need to connect the 4 holes with straight lines to make a 1"x2" rectangle for the coupler to fit into.

I am designing the coupler pockets to look like the prototype riveted on angles but to be able to hold a Tom Bee coupler should I choose to install one.

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