Sunday, September 22, 2013

IMSE and More Coupler Pocket

This weekend I did my first real show and tell with the Jeffrey.  Brought it to the Iowa Model Steam Engineers fall meet.  It was fun, got some good advice from those that have drilled and milled before.  The good news is I am on track and like me people can not wait to see it running in the spring.  
 There were 7 steamers, 4 gassers and 3 electrics there.  Here is a pair of gassers that John made a while back, one pulling the train I am on the other in the lead on the bridge.  The blue engine is electric.

 I took a photo of the ballast car, very utilitarian trucks, but they look like what I need to have for my long flat cars.  Laurance also brought his archbar trucks, said the design is from a very old Live Steam magazine, good news is I have it, not sure what issue...
 Sunday after doing a lot of relaxing I started in on the second coupler pocket.  Made good progress.  So far I have used 8 dremel blades.  I only have three left of the heavy duty ones, I may have to go buy more.  Reminded I need to buy a new tapping handle and a 1/4-20 tap.
Today I also cut and set aside the steel that I will not be using.  I went to an online vendor that sold in 12 foot lengths to estimate the costs, I am keeping some of the small stuff, but not all of it.  Giving more back than I want to, but it will save me money.

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