Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coupler Pocket Part 2

Yesterday I sorted my three decades of Live Steam magazine, now it is a little less random when I pull them out of the box.  Definitely worth the average 40 cents each I paid for them.  Much better content than the 25 cent each Modeltec I had bought earlier this summer.  I disagree with Jeff, it is not better to wait for the book for a construction article.  There is so many small tidbits that will never make it into a book.  Plus I paid less for these magazines than the three Kozo books that are duplicated within.  Definitely got more content for less money.

Today I finished my first coupler pocket.  I am 99% satisfied with it.  If coupler pocket #2 turns out better I will make a third, if #2 is worse looking I will rethink things.   I also spent some time measuring the computer screen and doing math with Anna to determine that I will use .5x.25 material to hold the end steps, not .75x.25 material as I was planning.  The real material was somewhere inbetween, maybe 2.5" and I am choosing 2" over a planned 3".  There are other deviations in the model to make it look better.  Makes me glad to not have blueprints to work from, my Jeffrey will be just as much art as science.

Tomorrow and Saturday I am going down to Mt. Pleasant to interact with members of the Iowa Model Steam Engineers club.  Using my points to get a free room at Holiday Inn Express.  Bringing a bunch of parts of the Jeffrey to show it off.

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