Sunday, September 08, 2013

Counterbore in order to tap less

This afternoon I added the counterbore to the pedistal spacer,  now after I get a new tap I will only have to tap 5 or 6 threads.  I also made a 1/4" thick spring rests that go on the inside of the journals.  I did not start the holes with a centerdrill because these parts will not be seen.  Note to self, centerdrills help, use them.  

I should also note how good of an idea it is to have all the equipment on casters.  Being able to easily move around the bandsaws, toolboxes, and arbor press / grinder is well worth the effort it took to make the bases.  The next thing I should do is run power to each of those machines.  As it stands I plug into an outlet by the dryer and run one extension cord to what ever tool I am using.  This is good for the drill press as I really like having it unplugged while I change tooling, for the other tools it is not as fun, especially if I am using several different tools in a row.

I am now going to make a jig that will be used to locate the springs and use the same spacing for the rivits that appear to hold the pedestals in place.

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