Saturday, September 28, 2013

Arbor Impressive

Today I was happy it was raining, that let me spend a long time down in the workshop without feeling guilty.
Work continued on making the end step supports.  I bent the last one, after making a contraption to try to bend it, breaking two C clamps in the process I ended up using the arbor press once again without any extra setup.

I also made the seat today, it is out of the same oak as the end steps I drilled a hole in the middle, used the bandsaw to rough it to shape then finished it using the bench grinder.  By screwing the seat to a longer board I was able to let the seat spin and become perfectly round and smooth.

The last thing I did today was cut the end step brackets to length.  I used a C-clamp and a piece of wood to make a stop.  Measure once cut three times.  Next is to drill the holes in the brackets for mounting the end step and mount the brackets.

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