Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time to Start

The wheels finally came.  After measuring them I had to make some adjustments to the CAD drawing that took a week.  Thursday I sent a cut list of steel size to the steel vendor.  They were able to get about 1/2 of it next day, so Friday afternoon I picked up 8 12 foot long sticks of steel for the Jeffrey and riding cars.  5 more sizes are needed, plus some sheet steel.

The first cut.

I had to rearrange the basement so I had space for the sawhorse, a straight shot down the bottom of the stairs.  Robb suggested putting the saw onto a wheeled cart, I can tell you it was a great thing to do, but think about the weight of the machine when open, the rail on the cart is a counter balance.  
 This is what I had for trains this morning.  Nancy gave me the 16" tall mannequin for my birthday, he scales out to 5'4" tall.  Maybe someday he will have clothes.  Batteries are meant for a Schwinn scooter.  The Jeffrey letters are from Shapeways, 3D printed stainless steel.
Me setting up for cut number 2, tiny little adjustments so will not have much filing to do later.  The saw does cut at a 64th off square and the blade bows in over the course of the cut.  
 All four outer frame pieces cut and filed.

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