Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Future

I am trying to decide, should I talk about this future I am scared of or my past I am scarred from.

Lets just get this future idea out there and keep hiding my sin in a closet to haunt me.

Our Church, Prairie Lakes, has a simple idea of what being a Christ follower is.  The whole point boils down to:   Love God, Love People, Influence the World.

My idea is tied to the last two and driven by the first.

I think that there should be a network like Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr to serve people.  Something like Kiva that is more than money, it is time, and skills.  Quality results for God by lots of little people.  Big things done by lots of people pulling a little.  A melding of the power of social media and networking with physical action.

Somehow God is asking me to bring this idea out there.  And it scares me.  How can it be controlled?  Who is going to help me with it?

I am reminded of the well meaning intentions of a house mother installing drywall on a church mission trip. She put her heart into it, all her skills, it was what she wanted to do but she is not a professional drywaller.  The quality was just not there.   I think of the idea of the guy at the baptist church who week after week sings that special song that touches his heart, but is so far out of tune and rhythm that it takes the grace of God in everyone else to tolerate it.

How do we leverage social media with task that need to be done?  I don't know.  What tasks?  Easy ones like mowing an elderly person's yard.  Big ones like building a school at an Indian reservation.  It is on my heart to set up a platform so that the next time the pendulum of church activity swings towards service and reaching the world they can use the media available to find the opportunity that uses their skills and time to the best advantage.

It would be like a million Second Saturdays, Serve Eries, as well as summer mission trips, and who knows what else.  It would be the place churches would go to learn what they can do, for both big projects and small.

But we need to make sure that there is quality.  That skilled doctors and nurses visit and take care of peoples health issues.  That builders are building, teachers are teaching, engineers are engineering.  And Christ is in it all.

I am an engineer, a man of structure and form and God is asking me to plant a seed of a wild, fast growing, scary plant that will do good beyond measure, but it will also have failures to match.

The failures scare me.  But do they scare God?

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