Wednesday, July 02, 2008

mosquitoes are back

The hot season was nice for one reason. The mosquitoes were gone. Sadly with the cooler weather I have also returned to my former profession here in India.

Nightly I go mosquito hunting. Tools of the trade are an electric racket and a hand towel. From prior experience the towel is needed to smush those little buggers. The racket is set to stun and if I just let them fall to the ground the kill rate is only 50%. (An experiment with a glass jar proved my theory earlier this year.)

The route is easy, starting in Anna's room tap curtain, a couple fly off, swing, zap, smush. Tap a little harder and a couple more come off, swing, zap, swing, zap, smush, smush. Shake the curtain violently, swing swing swing, zap, smush. Go to next curtain and repeat. Do a couple swipes under the bed (the most I got under there was 5 in one pass) and under the chairs. Then to the next room to repeat the process. I have to cover the whole house two to three times to get them all.

Except that one super mosquito able to drill down through the sheet and my pajamas to suck my blood and give me a welt in the morning big enough and itchy enough to give me pause to wonder if ghost mosquitoes exist and if they would all bite in exactly the same spot...

Thank you Mom for bringing more hydrocortizone.

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