Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A picture

I have been thinking about how the Lord sees us. While I wish I could pin down a single verse in the Bible that this is based on; these thoughts are based on reading all of Paul's letters, and the book "90 Minutes In Heaven." Like most illustrations it is not complete but presents part of the picture.
I have been thinking about how the Lord sees us. And I think the Mogul Indians from 300 to 700 years ago have provided us a great illustration. They have carved screens from rock. Many small holes to make a lace of rock that it is possible to get an good idea what is behind, but not a completely clear picture.
The way I am understanding how the Lord sees us is that he can only see our good, our sin is blocking His full view of us.
Much the same way if He was on one side of this rock screen, our sin, and we were on the other. The thing is we can't open up these holes on our own. We ask Jesus, our rock carver, to carve for us, the best we can do is a little polishing. We must ask Jesus to carve here and carve there.
Then why the heck am I trying to make a pretty screen between me and God, polishing and intricately carving my rock of sin into a beautiful masterpiece? Why am I picking up that stone dust that has fallen and making mud to fill holes already made? Why can't I ask Jesus to smash the rock, break it open to expose in full view myself to God and God to myself?
The way I am understanding it only the good things that God sees will be in heaven. The first hole that is made is Jesus, faith that He died on the cross, and rose in victory. When the time comes the only part of you that will be taken to heaven is what the Lord can see. Why should I waste my time on stuff that is not eternal?

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