Thursday, June 05, 2008

Forty Days

Forty days… Not that many, just over a month. Many times the Bible mentions 40 days. found 23 places. Stories about destroying, waiting, mourning, suffering, testing, scouting, communing, warning, proving, and rejoicing.

Genesis 7, Genesis 50:3, Exodus 24:18, Exodus 34:28, Numbers 13:25, Numbers 14:34, Deuteronomy 9, Deuteronomy 9:25, Deuteronomy 10:10, 1 Samuel 17:16, 1 Kings 19:8, Jonah 3:4, Ezekiel 4:6, Matthew 4:2, Mark 1:13, Luke 4:2, Acts 1:3

In forty days, July 15th, at one in the morning Nancy, Anna, and I will be boarding a plane in a 24 hour journey through Brussels and New Jersey end at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. We will be sad, we will be happy, we will be tired, we will be... ‘home.’

We are also anxious, for as it stands now we have little knowledge of what comes then. We are so worried, it is so hard to tell if we are being faithful or foolish. Our support will end, again we will need to work to provide for ourselves, we will need to start a new life. And it is a new life. With the prayer and fasting that I have been doing this past year I have the idea that life is like an oak tree. My past is like an acorn, a sapling, but now I am a tree. Our future will not look like our past, a mature oak tree comes from an acorn, but it is no longer an acorn.

In 40 days things will change.

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