Friday, April 18, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box

I think differently than most other people. I am not sure if that is because I am a swan waddling around with the ducks, or if I am a duck with some drain bamage. I have known that I think differently for a long time... one thing I have learned from it is to keep my mouth shut... an idea not perfected yet, I just rewrote my last post after being told that while I had some good thoughts my approach was off.

I wrote a little cartoon a couple weeks ago... I am shown as a stick figure who thinks outside of the box. I then show a bunch of heads in the box of people who don't think out of the box. After a little conversation I turn the box into a wagon and pull them off the stage.
Man that is insulting. In a mean way I am saying that people that think like everyone else are stuck being a follower of those that don't think like them. No one likes to be thought of as mundane. And as someone who thinks differently I need to be certain that if I am going to lead I am right not wrong, lets pull a whole load of lemmings over the cliff why don't we?
As a Christ follower I am struggling right now with why I think differently. Honestly I don't think I should think and act like everyone else, but have thoughts in line with Christ. I do my best to filter what I think through what I know from the Bible, and I always try to learn more from the Bible to filter my new thoughts.

Lastly I think that there are others out there that think about the things I do and in the way I do. Other swans whos box I can hop into to be pulled by a goose. I am praying to find the swans or the geese or the loons to be iron to sharpen my iron.

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Bernard Shuford said...

While I know you're not trying to be funny, or at least I don't think so, this brought a smile to my face. It's so easy for the "humblest" of us to get all "elitist" when we try to describe the difference that Christ makes in us. I think one analogy might be that we are trying to get people to get out of the box and join us, because "it's good out here!"

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)