Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is a sad time....
In the spring of 1999 I graduated from MTU, shortly after I traveled back up north to visit my girlfriend Nancy. While she was in class I visited a favorite haunt, the local animal shelter. While in college I went weekly if not more often to walk dogs for them. I am a cat person, frequently saying that I was raised by cats in the wilds of west Michigan. Mostly due to my second most loved cat, Kitzy who was shot by a hunter poaching on our land when i was in Jr High. Ok back to tech, the animal shelter had 17 kittens, plus the usual adult cats. They wanted me to take a kitten, I told them I could only take an older cat as I would be working long hours. They wanted me to take a cat, i told them it had to be declawed, they found one that was... I told them that i had no funds for one as I was a few weeks from starting at GM. They said they would give it to me free, I told them i had no carrier, they found one for me free... no litter box... gift free... litter... gift free... food... gift free.

Well when Nancy found out that I had gotten a cat, and left him in the car (they do not allow cats in the dorms and after Jimmy while i was still a student there... I had thought twice about pushing it) she made me bring him in. Then the issue of a name. Well after much discussion with Nancy and friends I chose Dutch as he had blue eyes, and was free.

Dutch survived the week without being found out... even after a late night walk around the dorm :) what were they going to do kick me out of school, I was graduated. At home we settled into a routine. I would go to work, and when I was home he would jump on my shoulders until bedtime then lay by my feet, waking me up in the morning for food. Going to the bathroom when I went (our toilets were right next to each other.) If I was in the apartment he was there.

Now here is something about Dutch, I doubt if he ever knew he had a tail. I had a fish tank, he sat on top, tail in the water... fish nipping at the fur... later when Nancy was around we learned that we could not have candles and dutch in the same room.

Dutch and I used to play fetch with those little mice, he would bring it to me and I would throw and he would pick it up and bring it back.

When Nancy graduated the next year we realized that unless we did something we would never have any time alone. We got Kaysa from a shelter in Pontiac, I went in looked at the cats, said I wanted the Siamese playing in the water they said come back next week and pick her up after she is fixed. When i came back they gave me a different cat... I thought for 30 seconds and said OK i will take this one... which really surprised them. I figured God could chose a better pal for Dutch than I could. Kaysa was abandoned as a kitten and really has issues with being alone. When I got her home she sat on the arm of the couch trying to figure this new place out. Dutch then got up on the arm right in front of her, then stood on his hind legs reaching his paws way up in the air, Kaysa's eyes were huge!! then dutch mewed at the spider plant just out of his reach. That is when Kaysa figured this all out. And I had been replaced as best friend.

Nancy made chicken and rice for me just after she graduated. As she was serving it some of it fell on the floor, Dutch ran over, sniffed it, then started to do the motions of burying it. (I wanted to do the same... but could not do that for my girlfriend. My wife now knows I do not like chicken and rice.)

We gave money to the human society the summer after Nancy graduated.

There are so many other things about him I can say. When I was making wax drawings I drew this picture of his eye. After our moving company cracked the glass on this picture I brought it in to be reglazed, Sue would not let me take it home again until it was properly framed... $500 later sue was happy. In the future I will be designing a house... an area of it will be done specifically for this picture. My free cat is costly...

Dutch liked to be up high.

Dutch would sleep in a closet all day, with the door closed, when we would open the door he would go out eat, drink and then go back to the closet and settle down again. Kaysa did not like this... she needs to know where her best bud is.

Dutch had allergies usually resulting in dry skin and his right eye being glued shut, the allergy shots we gave him were not good for his liver but did help his eye and skin.

In the morning when I ate breakfast and did my bible reading Dutch would jump on my lap, I would push him off he would jump up again. The most times was 21 before I gave up. He always sat on my lap during breakfast. Unless he was stuck in a closet.

When we had to sell our house in 2006 we gave Dutch and Kaysa to my parents... when they went on their yearly pilgrimage away from the snow down south the cats went to stay at my Aunt and Uncles who already had a cat and a dog.

Sadly, Dutch was not keeping his food down, and at 14 years of age the time had come for a hard choice... further medication or...

I am glad that Kaysa was staying with Dobby and Baxter, else I think the shock of his loss would have been too much.

I would have liked to have Dutch buried at the cabin where Kitzy is buried, but that is too much to ask for when I am in India.

It is a good thing Anna is a girl, I found out that Nancy will not let me name my child the same name as a pet I have had.

I miss you Dutch, you have a special place in my heart.

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