Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pop Goes the Church

I finished the manuscript of 'Pop Goes the Church' and it has been hard to post about it because I had written in so many room for improvement notes that I was not sure how I could be positive. After reading what some others have written I do think it was a good book. Better yet it did open my eyes spiritually into an area that I have been keeping under lock and key in a this is the law way. And it is not one of God's laws but my own. It was pointed out to me years ago that Music and Movies are categorically the same as drugs and alcohol for what they do to a mood. In the future I will be paying more attention to how the current movies and top ten songs etc are setting the mood of the whole population. Like the unity of 'God bless this country' after 9/11 it is happening, the media world is setting up lots of people to be ready to hear spiritual issues, our job is to be ready to respond as Christ wants us too.

In my first post about the book I said I felt like I was going into 'big dog' leadership crowd. Honestly I think the Lord has been leading me that way for a long time* (15 years.) To give a mental picture I feel like a freshman at college who just left his know it all world of high school and has now realized that I know there is a lot of stuff I do not know. Many of the leaders are working on their PHDs they have been at this college a long time. God has not given me the curriculum or the grading system and so much else I only know what to do today.

Back to the book. When it comes out it will be a very good book, if you are a church attender and wonder why your church is changing its ways this book will give you some insight as to why and a foundation to stand on for when you walk up to your leadership to ask questions. Or maybe the opposite is true, you want your church to change but it is not moving yet. It may also scare you at the same time, it did me, it was not until the last chapter of the book that I was positive that Tim was not calling for each Church to reach people in the same way his church does. Each one of us needs to have discernment, because of my 'church shopping' experience I know sometimes leadership of a church will try to change in order to steal sheep from the faster growing church over there. God has a real place for each Church body, you need to know where yours is, it may not be ultra trendy, seeker friendly but much more Conservative, but it should always be an open door to those who have not accepted Christ as their savior.

*Ok this is where I am scared! if Tim posts my comment on his blog many of those leaders will be looking at this web page. Given that I read many of their webpages regularly I think that they will laugh at me, my hope is some will pray for me that I will follow God's will. And if it God's will one of them will start watching me and might be a part of my what's next issue next July.

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