Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Day Book

Yesterday I read one of my Christmas presents. My mom sent me 90 Minutes in Heaven. What an interesting book, it took me almost all day to ready, with several breaks for food and fun with Anna.

If you get a chance I would say read the book, it is about Don Piper who dies in an auto accident, and 90 min later has a pulse and is responsive. His experience in heaven is a small part of the book, most of it is about his year long recovery and how he was able to help people afterwards who were in a similar situation.

I will admit that parts of the book made me cry, and I understand perfectly his depression. And for me personally I think it was a good time for me to read the book, to reset my spiritual 'walk' which has felt stalled the past month. While my knowledge has been growing this past month my choices have been centered on my instant gratification, not what is best long term. Even though I am praying to God to give me a good long term life.

Like Don how I long to go to Heaven, to experience the ultra reality there. Some quotes from the book. 'both heaven and hell are more real than anything we experience on earth' 'when in Heaven you know who is there and who will be coming but you do not know who is not there or not coming' Oh how I long to be washed of all my sin and just be good like I really want to be yet find it so hard to do. And then I think of all the good people I know, ones who I have not talked about Christ with... why should I be allowed in heaven if I am not giving them a chance to go?

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