Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Old Nest

Today I happen to chance upon these two photos of what was at one time my living room. Oh the wave of sadness... I really liked what I did to make this area look good. Last summer I did have the chance to see what the new owners of the home did with this room. The red walls is now tea colored, there is a hospital bed in place of the couch (with hope Jen is doing well enough that that is gone) The counters were a little more messy... OK the house actually looked lived in, they were doing a good job of enjoying in their own way what I enjoyed... esp given that Jen had a major issue with her back. But selfishly I miss this room just a little... it was a place. And sadness and fear come because I am six months from not having a clue where I will be... this was my 'nest' but it will not be my 'nest'.
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