Friday, December 21, 2007

Unga to Inga

Currently Mike is doing a series on the Kingdom of God at Ashraya. Then I am also exposed to writings such as Rob action plan.

These thoughts have me thinking, many times 'the kingdom of heaven' is used in the bible. Do I really understand what that means for me. As a first start I checked wikipedia. According to Jesus, the Kingdom of God is within (or among) people[3], it is approached through understanding,[4] and entered through acceptance like a child,[5] spiritual rebirth,[6] and doing the will of God.[7] It is a kingdom peopled by the righteous[8] and is not the only kingdom [9].

That very much sounds to me like something here now. Yet most of my education points to that really it is all about heaven... 'in my house there are many rooms' but in truth Jesus asked his disciples to go out and teach about the kingdom of heaven before he died... his death was the door to eternal life the door that I have chosen to go through when I die. And to prove it I will live in Jesus' kingdom of heaven now, while I live.

Sometime in the future the kingdom of heaven will be the only kingdom. But for now for me it is here... how do I live in this kingdom?

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