Sunday, December 02, 2007

The cost

I have had a cold this past week... coughing a lot esp when I lay down. When Nancy coughs like that I ask her to sleep in another room. I asked if she wanted me to she said no, but loving her I went out to the living room to sleep... after a couple of days I realized that sleeping on my stomach was the best for reducing the number of coughing fits. But the coughing fits still kept me up during the night. Giving me plenty of time to think, and mourn all the 'troubles' in my life. Being a pessimist I was having trouble remembering good stories I could tell my daughter about my past but i could remember lots of 'sins' I was not proud of. This made me more sad, then all these things that are so much frustration about being in another country. And the changes that are happening in my heart. So much 'cost' in my life, not much is easy right now like i 'used' to have.

This is when I went to lay next to Nancy who was reading her Bible: she read aloud "Blessed are the poor in spirit..." That sure did lift my mood. Nancy and I then had a conversation about good stories of my life... she prattled off eight one right after another. That further lifted my spirits.

A year ago I read Luke Chapter 14 about considering the cost of following Jesus. And I knew full well that following God to India would bring challenges upon me. And now here they were... not even big ones and i was almost ready to call it quits. But God quickly showed me the light.

I considered the cost, I chose, now I need to follow through with my choice, even when I have to travel through the 'muck' that makes up the path of this journey.

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Kevin Myers said...

I have great memories of all the fun things we did when we were little. I remember hiking around up at the cabin, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and having a great time in general. Have fun because that is what life is. Remember Anna is going to want to hear the stories that she is a part of, so the stories you are living will be great fodder.