Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it all about relationships?

In college I drew a series of poster sized drawings, in the center was a 2 foot tall stick figure, he was hanging by one hand onto the index finger of realistic hand that spread across the top. Along the bottom on one was water, on another fire... Last in the series is the stick figure curled up laying on the hand, a much safer place.

This past week my definition of culture shock and change was revised. What I thought was culture is only American vs Indian. But my culture is so much more. There is also my corporate culture way of living vs. a Jesus trust centered way of living. That means there is so much more that is available in my life for change. My organized way of living and thinking and working is also open game for change, all of me is open for change.

I am again hanging from the hand.

I was also reminded again this week that I let go of my goals I need to not make new ones.

I need to hold onto the hand...

I think the biggest thing that I am thinking now is all of life is about relationships. First with God, through Jesus, then on into other people.

...the Hand.

I am also thinking that I need to filter all my Living Theology thoughts with the Bible, find concepts in the Bible that support what I think. Not just verses out of context but passages in context.

...the Hand.

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