Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A good map

Here in Chennai I have a great tool called the Eicher city map of Chennai. This 185 page book is great to help me know where i am in this strange land where most people do not even know themselves.

I am finding out that most people do not know how to read maps here. After looking it the book they will finally say 'well i don't think the book is accurate my house is about here.' I find it best to just go outside, walk up the street to the left a ways then the right looking at the landmarks. Then I will look at the book and without fail I find that the book is indeed very accurate. Their house does indeed exist on the map, and where they pointed was off by a couple blocks or more.

Do I treat the Bible like that? Saying that it is close but not accurate? Only to find out later that it is really very accurate?

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