Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The New Tithe

Does the tithe always have to be money or is it more?

In the bible Abraham gave a 10th of all he had. Sheep, cattle, slaves everything of value to him.

But now, in America, what is most valuable. Money has lost its value, 10% of what we have is a lot, it will hurt some, but after a little while it is just part of the bills.

What has the most value is time. We value it much more than money. And maybe for the idea of a tithe to work we should not only give that cash, that bill to God, but also think about giving 10% of your time. 2.4 hours a day to God. No not the sleeping hours, but the waking ones. Use the time in service, in Bible reading, as a sacrifice to God.

Granger Community church has Second Saturday... 5 hours of service on the second Saturday of the month. Easy in Easy out. There are bible reading plans for 15-20-30 min a day.

Would you do like the idea of iFIX and go fix problems in your community?

Would this work? or is it too much? Is this the next big thing, would it be a flash in the pan fad of Christianity? Could it work long term in affluent prone areas?

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