Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bringing Heaven To Earth... Now

First I need to admit I am not up and fully educated on the idea of the 'emergent church' or what ever else it wants to be called or will be called. I know that there are people out there that see the way "Christianity" is done to be wrong, to need to change, because the world changed or because Christians just focused too hard in the wrong area and neglected what is more important.

The shift I see is present in America (living only two months away from there is changing my point of view) and most of the talk seams to be from those that live a life unable to zoom out to see the big picture, or who's big picture has anything other than the way they live as so surreal that it is fiction.

The truth be told the majority of the world knows nothing beyond themselves... like dare I say three blind men walking up to different parts of an elephant and describing it. In Christ following and Christian Church there is a need for change, and there is change happening. I am starting to see / feel the pull of that change. I am watching some of the leaders and those that closely follow them. Like a landslide the first crumbs have broken off, the larger piece are following now, and the whole mass of land behind it is starting to shift. Soon we will all be heading down the hill for who knows how long. And the stop at the bottom, will the land mass be in one piece still, or will it be such a jumble that it looks completely different?

To get more concrete in my thoughts about the change i am seeing. There is a shift from the idea that being a Christian is a life insurance plan of eternal significance to importance to how we live now. "how to bring heaven to earth now" is the question. Increasingly this has a environmental stewardship answer.

Chad Hall is talking about it here.

Rob Wegner talked about it here.

Rob Bell and Matt Krick and others talked about it at some Mars Hill Bible Church messages this past summer. number 444

But really how much of the Bible is about gardening (or other aspects of taking care of the earth.) Most of the bible is about people, and how people interact with God and other people. I mean even my two year old understands that. This is also part of shift that I am seeing, but where it is going and why is much harder to put a finger on. So any other change that happens needs to support the real importance of relationships. The goal is to make the earth livable not so we can live, but so we can interact with others. And the church as special directions to how to do that. The whole culture of church needs to change. The question of what Christians do between the point they accept Christ and they die will have a different answer soon.

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